Another month in the books, it's incredible how fast time flies when building a software product! As a reminder, here is what we had on the roadmap for September. I am proud to say we completed almost everything we set out to do. We were mainly focused on the individual user and bringing value as quickly as possible when you sign up for Pinpoint.

A few of the things we were able to deliver:

  • The Daily MVP
  • Pinpoint Profile
  • User Dashboard
  • Full board support for integrated issue systems.  

I'll go into a little more detail on each of those below, and you can also check out videos on our YouTube channel to get a more in-depth look at each of them.

✅ Completed Items

It feels great when you can pull off what you had targeted for the month, and our team really delivered ahead of our big September 29th launch, which you can read more about here.  

An operational thing we did this month was that we planned to have everything in production well before the public launch date. This approach worked so well for us this month that we will make this the norm going forward. We will set our "product ready" date 2-3 weeks before our anticipated marketing launch to ensure we properly scope these items and have our early access customers battle-test everything before releasing them to the masses. It also makes our engineers — happy, no last-minute death march the weekend before release.

Agent 4.0

Agent 4.0 was a massive milestone for us. We had a few setbacks that took us longer (Jira!), but it was well worth the wait. Now that the Agent is completed, we will develop new functionality that wasn't possible before. In the new Agent, we currently support org-level integrations, eliminating each team's need to add their own integrations. You also no longer have to map projects (Issues) and repositories (Source Code) to teams. We figure it all out behind the scenes and keep your data synchronized with your source systems. 

Agent 4.0 also brought us Issue board support as well as issue rankings. Teams can now map their Scrum or Kanban boards that they use (and you can have multiple even across different systems, too!) You can see more about the impact this has on our video Pinpoint - Stand Up Enhancements

Agent 4.0 also gives us the I notived ability to have two-way, real-time communication with your third-party systems, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between tools. We are just getting started here, but if you are a Business Plan customer, you can now edit the summary, priority, status, and assignee for any given issue right from within Pinpoint! We also have Issue Creation in Early Access, which you can turn on under your Workspace Settings. We will continue to expand this to things such as Pull Requests as well.


The Daily MVP

Candidly, this wasn’t on our radar a couple of months ago. As we used Pinpoint ourselves, we kept revisiting the concept of the stand-up and challenging how software teams run them today. We realized everyone on the team was using different apps or methods — often on paper, for note-taking outside Pinpoint for their stand-up update. Out of this, the concept we call “The Daily” was born.  

The Daily is a team notebook where teams can set their sentiment, summarize their day, and create free-form text in markdown. We introduced the concept of “blocks” with our block editor (this is Open Source, check it out here.) This editor gives us the ability to build blocks that you can add to your notebooks rapidly. So far, we have blocks for issues, PRs, Figma, and Code Sandbox. 

What notebook functionality would you like to see? Join our Slack Community and give us a shout if there is a block that would help you do your job better. There is a lot more on the horizon for the Notebooks, so be on the lookout for them in our Changelog.

User Dashboard

Everyone at Pinpoint is really excited about the User Dashboard; it has become our go-to screen for getting our day started. The User Dashboard brings front and center what you need to focus on for your day. We bring in:

  • Your issues and code
  • In Progress Issues
  • What you are blocked on
  • Issues created by you
  • Embedded calendar data with a join link for meetings 

Another item we are just scratching the surface on is Recommended Content. You will find that here on your User Dashboard as well. Simply set your interests and programming languages, then voila! Content tailored to your interests starts showing up throughout the day.  

Check out our video on the Pinpoint User Dashboard or, better yet, just sign-in or sign-up yourself and take a look.

If you have an RSS feed you'd like to see us bring into our content engine or other things that would help you on your dashboard, drop us a note in the Pinpoint community; we'd love to hear from you.

⏳ Still In Progress

Our Planning feature is being worked on as we speak. This feature relied heavily on Agent 4.0. Now that's completed, we are excited about what we will do here in the short-term, including capabilities like writing your plan back to the source system, creating sprints, and packing them right inside Pinpoint. Together with our issue creation capabilities, these will bring you closer than ever to never going into Jira again! We are targeting release to Early Access in the next week and will bring it to all users in October.

So how do we feel that we did?

Overall, we feel great about what we were able to accomplish in September. Our goal of bringing more value to Pinpoint's users when in "single-player mode," as we call it, has been achieved, and we will continue to build on this every day. The addition of things like the User Dashboard, My Notebook, Recommended Content, and the Pinpoint Profile is just the tip of the iceberg.  We can't wait to show you the things we have on tap for October.

As you can see below, we have some fantastic team members who can get more done in a month than even we can imagine sometimes. Team NaN led the way with traceability, which shows us how many of our PRs had issues tied to them. As a team, we crushed over 200 issues while keeping pace with tons of features and enhancements. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 3.51.51 PM

How is the team feeling?

Another benefit of the Daily is that we now get a pulse on how the teams are feeling with sentiment. I can look at sentiment for the month across our teams to understand morale and determine if I can help out in any way. 

image (17)


If you want to see this data for your teams, it's available in your Org Dashboard under the Team Metrics tab. Not using Pinpoint yet? Get your free account here

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