This week I joined a Quora session focused around building high-performance engineering teams. There was a range of great questions—a lot deserving more time than I could give in an hour sprint. A number of them were oriented around the best ways for tech leaders to show business leaders how software engineering is performing. This is a topic that we probably can’t say enough about. Answering this question—how to make engineering performance as comprehensible to CEOs and board members as sales, marketing, finance, etc.—is a big part of the reason Pinpoint exists.

Think about the metrics we use to evaluate the health of a software business. We consider things like annual contract value (ACV), lifetime value (LTV), and customer acquisition cost (CAC). You can determine the health of my business using these things, without knowing much of anything about my go-to-market strategy (freemium, enterprise, etc.), martech stack, or sales methodology. Engineering should work the same way: with a small set of key signals that tell anyone, technical or not, how we’re performing. I’ll be writing more on this in the near future.

Links to some of the top questions/answers follow below. You can find the entire Quora session here.

Top questions

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