At Pinpoint, we believe in radical transparency. Part of being transparent is sharing our roadmap publicly and reflecting candidly on how we did against that roadmap each month — good or bad. You can read more about our progress from last month here. Spoiler: not everything was completed but we made a lot of progress on items for this month! 

A few reminders:

And now, our Roadmap...


September is a big milestone for us. We want to improve the way software gets built — starting with the individual developer first. We believe if you solve for the developer's challenges first, value for teams, managers, product owners and leadership will follow. This month you will see a lot of brand new features specifically for individual developers either part of a team and/or them doing their own projects. 

Below you will see our real-time status on these initiatives with the Issue/Epic Forecast right from our own instance of Pinpoint.



Our Agent is undergoing quite a transformation in order to simplify the installation of integrations. By improving how data is streamed to and from the app, users will have access to the data in real-time in Pinpoint.

  • 33 Total Tickets
  • 28 Closed
  • 7 In Progress
  • Estimated completion on September 12

Pinpoint Profile


The Pinpoint Profile will give users the ability to show off their expertise, experience and accomplishments. There will also be a card that will unfurl on Twitter, LinkedIN, Slack and others or you can embed wherever you like.

  • 25 Total Tickets
  • 17 Closed
  • 7 In Progress
  • Estimated completion on September 15

User Dashboard


The User Dashboard will be the first place you go every day to see what's on tap for your, what new things there are to learn and who can help you achieve your goals. There will be curated content based on users interests from news sources to podcasts.

  • 33 Total Tickets
  • 17 Closed
  • 5 In Progress
  • Estimated completion on September 15



The new Daily view is an alternative to your typical stand-up ceremony and something we think everyone in the organization will benefit from by giving more context to the work in progress and help team members stay caught up and better prioritize their day.

  • 39 Total Tickets
  • 20 Closed
  • In Progress
  • Estimated completion on September 22



The current Planning functionality auto-packs and auto-assigns issues but requires manually going back into the issue system to update. With the below enhancements, Planning will not only build your plan in Pinpoint but also automatically write that plan back to your issue system.

  • 51 Total Tickets
  • 39 Closed
  • 1 In Progress
  • Estimated completion on September 29


We are currently working on defining requirements for these next set of initiatives. We would love to hear from you what you would like to see from these new features. 

  • Agent Integration SDK: This will open the ability to connect new apps and data sources to Pinpoint using our normalized data model. 
  • Application Speed Improvements:  Focus on reducing time from click to data all throughout the app.  We introduced datamanager into our architecture now it's time to take full advantage!


We've got some big thinkers with big ideas here at Pinpoint. Here's where we are headed.  

  • Developer Ecosystem: This will bring the best developers in the world together in one place to share their knowledge and show off their skills.
  • Graph API: We will expose and document the GraphQL API layer that we use every day to build our application so that others can use insights from Pinpoint in their applications or traditional business intelligence systems to enhance their work. 

Give us feedback along the way.

Another principle we hold near and dear? Prioritizing feedback. Regardless if you are a user or not, we want to know what you think so we can make sure we are building a product that you would want to use.

There are a couple ways to share your feedback:

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