At Pinpoint, we believe in radical transparency. Part of being transparent is sharing our roadmap publicly and reflecting candidly on how we did against that roadmap each month — good or bad. You can read more about our progress from last month here. September was a huge month for Pinpoint and the individual user! 

A few reminders:

And now, our Roadmap...


In October, we will be building on our September launch's success that was all around helping developers get the most value out of Pinpoint. This includes enhancements to existing functionality, performance improvements, and bringing in new source systems to get better visibility into your workflow.

Below you will see our real-time status on these initiatives with the Issue/Epic Forecast right from our own instance of Pinpoint.



The current Planning functionality auto-packs and auto-assigns issues but requires manually going back into the issue system to update. With the below enhancements, Planning will not only build your plan in Pinpoint but also automatically write that plan back to your issue system.

  • 51 Total Tickets
  • 43 Closed
  • 4 In Progress
  • Estimated completion on October 15



The Notebook is the foundation of the Daily as well as My Notebook. The Notebook will be an all-inclusive editor approach which will provide us the ability to have smart linking and in-line elements. You will be able to quickly add people, entities ( e.g. issues and PRs ) along with 3rd party blocks right into your personal notebook or a team's Daily.

  • 21 Total Tickets
  • 3 Closed
  • In Progress
  • Estimated completion on October 25

App Speed Improvements


The name says it all, we want speed! Whether you are clicking on your standup or opening an issue detail, changing a priority or creating a new ticket, you want it to happen now! do we! The focus here will be to make all of these things as real-time as possible to keep you productive.

  • 16 Total Tickets
  • 2 Closed
  • 7 In Progress
  • Estimated completion on November 5

User Dashboard and Content


The User Dashboard is the first place you go to see what's on tap for your day, what new things there are to learn and who can help you achieve your goals. The recommended content engine is just getting started. We will be adding the ability for you to react and share content which will enhance our recommendations for you.

  • 45 Total Tickets
  • 31 Closed
  • 3 In Progress
  • Estimated completion on October 28



With the release of Agent v4.0 we will start to expand the lineup of integrations we support. We will be looking to add new issue systems like Clubhouse along with extending our reach with CI/CD and security systems as well. We are focused on extending our visibility into the full software development lifecycle and integrations are key to making this happen.

  • 9 Total Tickets
  • 1 Closed
  • 3 In Progress
  • Estimated completion on October 30


We are currently working on defining requirements for these next set of initiatives. We would love to hear from you about what you would like to see from these new features. 

  • Agent Integration SDK: This will open the ability to connect new apps and data sources to Pinpoint using our normalized data model. 
  • Application Speed Improvements: Focus on reducing the time from click to data all throughout the app. We introduced the data manager into our architecture now; it's time to take full advantage!


We've got some big thinkers with big ideas here at Pinpoint. Here's where we are headed.  

  • Developer Ecosystem: This will bring the best developers in the world together in one place to share their knowledge and show off their skills.
  • Graph API: We will expose and document the GraphQL API layer that we use every day to build our application so that others can use insights from Pinpoint in their applications or traditional business intelligence systems to enhance their work. 

Give us feedback along the way.

Another principle we hold near and dear? Prioritizing feedback. Regardless if you are a user or not, we want to know what you think so we can make sure we are building a product that you would want to use.

There are a couple ways to share your feedback:

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