<span id=Pinpoint Unveils World’s First Advanced Analytics Platform for Software Engineering" />

New technology uses data science to advance the way people and teams deliver software

AUSTIN, Texas — Pinpoint® today formally launched the first advanced analytics platform for software engineering, designed to give executives a true view into the results, efficiency, costs and performance of their engineering organizations.

Because all companies today are software companies, engineering can make the difference between thriving or starving. Despite this, most leaders still rely on manual data collection to try to understand engineering performance. Fundamental questions – “How do we deliver faster?” “Are we getting more or less effective?” – are hard to answer. By applying data science to activity from a range of software lifecycle systems, Pinpoint gives leaders a data-driven way to optimize performance across people, teams, and work.

“It’s been years since things like marketing automation and CRM transformed how go-to-marketing teams track, measure and improve departmental operations,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Pinpoint. “But for most engineering organizations, that’s still really hard. With Pinpoint, we’ve created a way to instrument the systems where the actual work is occurring, and then use data science to interpret current organizational performance, highlight improvement opportunities, and predict outcomes.”

“Pinpoint provides us insights into our software development process,” said Marty Brodbeck, CTO of Shutterstock. “It enables us to drive better outcomes across product and engineering.”

Pinpoint is available today. It works seamlessly with all major software systems of record including Jira, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, SonarQube, and others. It requires no change in work processes, and no manual inputs from teams. Engineering teams simply work the way they work, in their systems of choice, and Pinpoint turns that system activity into actionable insights via advanced analytics and machine learning.

Get the data science behind high-performance teams.