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Pinpoint Community For All!

You may have noticed that things around our Pinpoint Community Slack channel are looking a little different — broader topics of discussion, channel names have changed, and lots of activity that may not be related to the Pinpoint product specifically. There is a good reason for this — and it's not just house cleaning.

Originally, the community was created as a support and feedback channel for users of Pinpoint. But as we've been interacting with users in Slack and received feedback on our blog, we've noticed that the dialog frequently turns from focusing on Pinpoint as a product to discussions around how software development processes and methods are changing — how they can change. It's becoming pretty apparent that we've hit a nerve that's generating a lot of great discussion and ideas!

Agile as a practice for software development has gone through many iterations of its own since the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was published back in 2001, and we believe that we're on the verge of a major shift "that will help put an end to war and poverty, align the planets and bring them into universal harmony, allowing meaningful contact with all forms of life, from extraterrestrial beings to common household pets."  Well, maybe not that extreme,  but we are seeing that by aggregating information in real-time, into one platform ensures everyone is operating off the same information, speaking the same language, and really begins to align the entire engineering organization. Furthermore, by leveraging machine learning you can evolve from a reactive to a predictive team and greatly reduce the time spent in — or the need for traditional agile ceremonies altogether.

So to that end, we're officially opening up the Pinpoint Community Slack channel to everyone and anyone invested in improving how engineering teams work! Our hope is to encourage more transparency and foster higher-level discussions that can help all of us build software better. And in the spirit of "radical transparency," we will continue to have conversations specific to Pinpoint such as feedback, support,  roadmap discussions and more for everyone to see — not just users.

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 9.55.47 AM

You will also have access to our entire team from our Founder & CEO, Jeff Haynie to the team actually building the product — they are all very active in the community, love to collaborate and rely heavily on emojis as a form of communication 👏.

Come join our growing community - we look forward to collaborating with you! 


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