The future depends on productive engineering teams. We’re starting now.  

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology (from small delights like reaching 10,000 steps to powering the world’s financial trading), building damn good software is more important than ever. 

As engineers at Pinpoint we know, have learned from, and lead a lot of the people who code amazing products into existence. Together we have the cutting edge tools required to build great things, but they often make our work more complicated and cluttered, slowing us down. Now, as we manage a foundational shift in the workplace and the way teams collaborate remotely, the need for better engineering operations is more urgent than ever. 


We believe that to make software better for everyone, we have to make work better for the people actually building software first. Today we’re announcing something new that will change the way engineers work, making the day-to-day hustle seamless for teams of all sizes, with all kinds of goals. Pinpoint is introducing a dashboard that has: 

  • An activity feed that shows you what everyone’s working on across the team. 
  • Smart, AI-driven recommendations for prioritizing work so the team can move quickly and cohesively.
  • Simple, at-a-glance views of your current sprints.  
  • A current work dashboard that highlights the status of each project, and whether it’s blocked. 
  • Views that show the details of an issue or pull request, and aggregated content from all of your third-party integrations.
  • An interactive issue workflow to identify common workpaths and outliers.

Issue Workflow

So, whether your team is focused on launching new features or scaling your engineering operations, you can start improving productivity right here, right now, for free. Sign up today for a complimentary account for up to 50 users for 90 days. 

And this is just the beginning of our journey toward a better, more productive engineering ecosystem. Today, we’re helping teams make better decisions in real-time, and there’s even more to come. We believe the solution is bigger than a single-source system, so we’re going to integrate with everything in the software toolbox across the software development lifecycle, from tools used for planning to monitoring systems like New Relic or PagerDuty. If an engineer uses a tool, we’ll add it to the platform, analyze it, and increase its value by bringing more data points into the system together for even better decision-making. At Pinpoint, we’ve already invested deeply in a data science team to do that, uncover hidden correlations and variables that drive the business, and build out new predictive capabilities.

There’s a lot to talk about. We hope you’ll join our conversation! We’re on Twitter, and we write more than 280 characters right here on our blog subscribe below to stay in the loop.

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