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It’s time for a new developer experience

At Pinpoint, we’re all about helping developers work better, together. That starts with addressing the elephant in the room: to-date the developer experience has been clunky, time consuming and sometimes frustrating. We’re constantly bouncing between tools, hunting down status updates, sitting through lengthy meetings and stretching ourselves across various projects. While we often work in teams, engineering is an individual sport, too. We need technology that helps us work better on our own, so we can work better together. Something built just for us. 

With that in mind, we’re releasing new features within Pinpoint that improve the experience of building software for individual developers, addressing specific day-to-day needs while fostering long term career growth. A new User Dashboard gives developers more time back in their day by presenting a streamlined view of work, while new social features allow developers to highlight their achievements and join a strong, collaborative dev community – no matter whether they’re working as part of a team, or independently. 

Some of the new stuff you will see starting today includes the User Dashboard, Recommended Content, and Pinpoint Profiles. Each one expands our AI-powered team workspaces to make Pinpoint a central hub for individual developers that will ultimately bring the developer community together like never before. 

User Dashboard

The User Dashboard is the new home base for individual contributors within Pinpoint. It gives you an automatic, streamlined view of what you’re working on today and tomorrow (including outstanding issues and PRs), right when you log in so you know what to work on that day. It’s uniquely attuned to your individual tasks and needs. The Dashboard displays your work priorities and upcoming meetings, and if you’re working on a team, those priorities will shift based on your team’s timelines, needs, issues and code activity. You will also see recommendations of people on your team working on similar projects if you find yourself needing help. This update builds on our rollout of automated agile ceremonies earlier this year. Our team found automated ceremonies helpful in streamlining workflows and collaboration timelines, but we felt there was a gap in how we structured our individual work. The User Dashboard solves for this challenge by helping team members better understand what they need to work on right now, later today or tomorrow. 


Recommended Content

The Dashboard will also show you personalized Recommended Content. This is an AI-driven feed that curates content from blogs, podcasts, events and other media based on what you are currently working on and your interests. Maybe you’re starting to work with Python, transitioning to a team lead role, or learning more about the applications of AI in a certain field. Like a smart, simple, built-in RSS feed, Recommended Content saves you time researching and scrolling through less-relevant news, and helps you build new skills and spark discussion with other developers working on similar challenges. 

image (15)

We’ve recently restructured our own engineering teams into full-stack teams where each team is equipped with every functional role needed to be fully autonomous. The Recommended Content has been helpful for these teams to continue knowledge sharing within their own functional areas (or Guilds as we call them) and to build skills related to the work their full-stack team is assigned. 

It’s also the perfect way to spark conversations and learn new things about your team. We recently discovered one of our devs has a drone hunting cat. Kidding! But you get the point. Recommended Content is a source of industry knowledge and team building. 

Slack convo about Pinpoint Recommended Content

The Pinpoint Profile

We’re also launching the Pinpoint Profile which is purpose-built for engineering and displays historical work and career activity across your projects and companies, highlighting your expertise and elevating your personal brand. As a developer, you may have built (and are constantly updating) a separate website to showcase your work because there are no networking platforms for engineers to adequately share their background and work history. This prevents us from consistently and broadly sharing our experiences across the ecosystem, and forces you to manually update your skills and background everywhere they’re listed when you add a new skill. Pinpoint Profiles fill this gap– it’s like a smart resume uniquely designed for the software engineering industry, so you can effectively demonstrate experience, engage with your peers, and build strong networks outside of a team environment. The best part is profiles are portable: they can be embedded anywhere, following you from job to job and updating as your skills evolve. So, when you learn a new coding language, your card automatically syncs wherever you’ve shared it previously – Twitter, LinkedIn, websites and job listings. 

Click through Keegan's profile below. He built the Profile! 

You can also watch Keegan walk through the profile here:

We’re on a mission to build software better, and strengthen our developer community. User Dashboards, Recommended Content, and Profiles support that mission by enabling you to streamline your daily work, act as community advocates, build new skills, and expand your network, all in one place. 

- Jeff

Start by creating your own Profile, and join our growing Slack community to chat with devs from all over the industry. 

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