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We're sharing some progress we made against our August Roadmap. The TL;DR version — a few things slipped this month, but it allowed us to expedite some other strategic features ahead of a big September feature push.

We know you deal with the same tradeoffs and decisions every day — it's why we are building Pinpoint and why we share our roadmap and recap our progress every month. Read on to learn about what tradeoffs we made and why.

A note about unplanned work, but accelerated progress

We all know unplanned work is bound to happen. We always look to plan for and minimize that unplanned work as much as possible using our Sprint Planning and Issue Forecast. It just so happens that because of the slowdown on Agent 4.0 (more on that below), the unplanned work this month accelerated some future roadmap items. So we felt like it was a win overall.

✅  Completed Items

Public Profiles & Embedded Cards

Our team was so excited about getting their own Pinpoint Public Profile after seeing the prototype that we decided to expedite this project. The Pinpoint Public Profile will allow individuals who use Pinpoint to build out their expertise, experience, accomplishments, and show off their favorite repos or projects — and that's just the MVP, we have a lot more up our sleeve.

As we were building out the profile we also snuck in an awesome feature where we produce live cards for your profile that can be embedded anywhere. Keegan Donnely and Matthew Congrove teamed together to deliver these in about a week. These cards can be posted to Slack, social media, blogs (ahem!) and they are dynamic as your work changes!

You can check out an example of how these cards can be used to showcase who you are as a developer in this blog we wrote for Pulumi where we embedded the cards. Profiles are just the first thing we delivered with our cards but it won't be the last.

Improved Onboarding Workflow

We all know how important first impressions are when it comes to bringing on new users into your product, which is why we felt this set of unplanned work was critical. After studying the habits of our users as they onboarded and input payment, we realized this was not as intuitive as it should be and needed some love before we really open the gates to the product in September.

One of the things the Agent initiative will give us is increasing the speed of getting data into Pinpoint and the ease of which you can do so. We decided to optimize our onboarding experience to really take advantage of the benefits of Agent 4.0. We think the two together will be a home run when it comes to helping users get in, setup, and experiencing Pinpoint faster than ever.

Various Enhancements

Improved User Mapping: Another item we added in August was making user mapping easier. When we process data from the various source systems it is important to link users GitHub ID and issue system IDs together so we can build out the user's profile. As I'm sure you are aware there are a LOT of users in each system and knowing who to map and where was a bit of a challenge. We now add an alert in the user settings when we find unmapped users and allow you to resolve it in a single place.

Label Visibility: Another often requested feature by customers was the ability to show labels inline with issues and PRs. We were able to deliver this quickly and it proved immediately useful both for our customers and ourselves! Our label usage has now gone up which really helps when bringing context to your issues or PRs as you make decisions.

Billing Updates: Something else we didn't have planned that rose in priority was our billing experience. It was decided this would be a critical area to give some love as we bring our new onboard and agent to market so we pulled this in as well.

You can view our updates in real-time on our Changelog. 

⏳ Still In Progress

Agent 4.0

Agent 4.0 is a foundational initiative for us for what is to come and we made significant progress on it — but the success of our product depends on getting it right. We ran into some interesting challenges as we attempted to unify the way we connect to Jira as a source system. As you can imagine there are many different flavors of Jira and to be honest, a lot of the APIs seem like they were built in a vacuum. Finding the lowest common denominator proved to be quite a challenge but alas we have overcome and are making great progress on delivering it in September. 


Another item we have close to Early Access is our Daily feature. You can read more about the Daily vision on our roadmap and also check out our ideation session. We are excited about how this will improve the day-to-day for the development team and individuals. With any new feature, we treat ourselves as customer zero. We are currently using it internally before we bring it to you and are incorporating some of our team's feedback before it hits Early Access.

So how do we feel that we did?

In the end, while we didn't get everything we wanted to market we were able to deliver on some key capabilities and make great progress on the areas of focus. As I'm sure you can empathize each day, week, and month can bring unexpected challenges. However, we believe the only way we all build software better is by sharing those challenges and trying to improve each day. We are looking forward to a BIG September and excited by what those changes will bring to us and our customers.

- Scott 

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